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lexi / 19 / ♀ / ♒ / intj / ohio, usa

Hi, I'm Lexi and I hate wearing pants.

My 3DS friendcode is: 1993-8602-4492

Interests include: Axolotls, Steam Powered Giraffe, Homestuck, Doctor Who, tLoZ, LoL, Valve games, Adventure Time, Hannibal, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe.
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Tumblr user Obscenelybefuddled has been doing bunches of fanbot art for the fanmily, so I thought I’d repay her with fanbot art of her own. uvu

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    Oh. My gosh. Oh. My. GOSH. I saw it and my eyes could’ve popped right out of my head! This is all sorts of lovely. Oh....
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