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Free Fanbot Drawings~

I’ll draw a few peoples’ fanbots, just cause I want to. c:

If you’d like yours drawn, send me a link to a reference of them or send a description, but a reference will produce a more accurate result. 

I’m probably gonna practice different styles and coloring and such, just so you know. 

[Teacup] - Clumsical  {Finished}

[Mismatch] - Porrimmaryam {Finished}

[Shi] - Askshi

[E.V.A.] - Sardonicscrewdriver

[Graff] - Kittenesque

[Gams] - Kiwicatlover

[Widget] - Serenabangles

[Appaloosa] - Trickyfrancis

[Aurora] - Steampoweredraconteur

[Naner] - 8bitbowtie

EDIT: So I posted this before school and didn’t get a chance to check back on it until after I got out. Since this got way more replies than I expected, I’ll extend the amount of slots. I’ll order everyone’s fanbots in which the ones that I think will be the most fun to draw are first. I probably won’t get to everyone’s bots. If I do, the last ones will either be extremely sloppy or will take forever. If I never get to your bot, I’m terribly sorry. u-u